Pre & Post Plant Components

At BlueMAC we are delighted to be able to offer the world-leading range of Doppstadt, Powerscreen and Westeria equipment as part of our turnkey solutions.

Doppstadt Slow Speed Shredders

Often used for volume reduction to prepare material prior to processing, the shredders ensure consistent piece size for equipment and operative to handle where necessary. Models in the range include the Doppstadt DW 206 Ceron, DW 2560E and the Doppstadt 4060E as well as the full range of mobile machines.

Doppstadt High Speed Shredders

The world renowned high speed range utilises the free-swinging flail principle combined with the grinding basket to reduce product down to exact sizes. Models in the range include the Doppstadt AK235E, NZ435E and the NZ180E.

Doppstadt Splitter Technology

This patented technology splits the material into three fractions. The small fractions fall through the gaps in the steel shafts, the light and long pieces will move in the direction of the conveyor and the cubical and heavy parts will be moved laterally.

Doppstadt Mobile Windsifter technology

Doppstadt Mobile Windsifter technology separates the material into three fractions depending on the density of the material.

Powerscreen Screener

Powerscreen’s mobile screening machines lead the way in technology, performance and reliability with the compact Warrior models being ideally suited to split your waste streams into more manageable fractions.


The Westeria range of equipment works on the principle of using air density to separate the heavy inert stone material from the light RDF material. Initially the material is spread evenly onto a conveyor using patented disk technology. It is then presented to the initial separation area where a steel drum and air blower takes the lights over the top of the drum and the heavies fall to a conveyor below. The lights can then be further separated by density with the use of a suction chamber and further conveyor incorporated within the machine.


BlueMAC Manufacturing is well known for producing high quality, reliable machinery and it is our ethos to work closely, and develop lasting relationships, with our customers long after the initial sale. BlueMAC are fully accredited with ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001 certifications and so we are able to provide complete assurance of build quality.

  • ISO 45001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001