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BlueMAC specialises in all types of feeders for many industries. All can be built to any specification for even the most demanding applications.

Feeder Types

All BlueMAC feeders can be incorporated into our Material Recycling Facilities (MRF) and will vary depending on the waste stream and preference of our customer. They are designed specifically around the infeed material type and are manufactured accordingly to suit the height of feed depending on the source of material - whether it be a primary shredder, material handler, excavator, wheel loader or other piece of equipment.

Belt Feed Hopper

BlueMAC belt feeders ensure an efficient and consistent flow of material is fed into the plant to protect against surges. A tough and durable steel chassis offer life longevity.

Pan Feeder

Our aggressive, heavy duty vibrating pan feeders are designed to deal with large quantities of the most challenging waste. And deliver an even distribution of material to your MRF plant.

Bag Opening Feeder

Designed to penetrate and split the bags found in municipal waste, these feeders separate the material inside without shredding it into unmanageable pieces. This technology also improves the efficiency of the recovery process in other areas of the plant.

Metering Drum

BlueMAC metering drum hopper incorporates a robust rotating drum that prevents material surges and ensures a consistent feed. This maximises the efficiency of the whole plant and produces material that is more easily sorted downstream – either by manual or automated processes.

Additionally, our partner General Kinematics are renowned Globally for providing leading vibratory equipment and our partnership enables BlueMAC to offer their entire range of feeders.

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BlueMAC Manufacturing is well known for producing high quality, reliable machinery and it is our ethos to work closely, and develop lasting relationships, with our customers long after the initial sale. BlueMAC are fully accredited with ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001 certifications and so we are able to provide complete assurance of build quality.

  • ISO 45001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001