Trommel Fines Clean Up

The introduction of the loss of ignition (LOI) test by the government, meaning fines containing more than 10% organic or combustible material will be subject to a considerably higher rate of landfill tax, is having a major impact on waste management companies. This legislation could mean an operator’s landfill tax bill increasing from £20,000 to over £600,000.

BlueMAC Trommel Fines Clean Up

A BlueMAC MRF can be designed to separate and ‘clean up’ the fines coming in to your site, removing calorific material which ignites under the government’s LOI test. Examples of such components include:

  • Vibrating and density separating equipment
  • Mobile picking stations
  • Optical separators
  • Eddy Current separators

Pre & Post Plant Equipment

The advantage of choosing BlueMAC, is we provide the industry’s leading MRF components and offer world leading supporting equipment to ensure your site meets your specific objectives. Whether that be through the incorporation of air density separation equipment or a Doppstadt static pre-shredder, our experienced sales team can supply the solution and the equipment that best suits your needs.

Example Process Flow