Westminster Waste


Blue London have recently supplied a BlueMAC plant to Westminster Waste for their new site in South East London. Westminster Waste was set up in December 2010 by Managing Director Dominic Moule, and has grown swiftly over the last 6 years, now employing over 70 staff. Originally the business began processing waste at a compact site in Bermondsey, and while this site is still utilised by the business today, their main operation is now at a new 3 acre site in Charlton. Processing C&D waste is the core function of the business which is brought in by a fleet of 30 Westminster Waste vehicles and also third party ‘drops’. Current volumes stand at around 1,500 tonnes per week, with the waste coming from across South East London and Kent.


The new BlueMAC recycling plant has allowed the business to recycle a much higher percentage of material. The wood waste is shredded and screened via a Doppstadt AK510K shredder and Powerscreen Warrior 1400X screen on site, to create a biomass material, while others materials are sent out for further processing and baling. The small amount of material that can’t be recycled is sent for recovery as RDF and the process is much more automated and significantly less labour intensive than previously, meaning overall costs have been reduced.

Westminster Waste Rendered Drawing

Plant Overview


  • C&D Material loaded into the hopper which takes the material via conveyor to a 1025 trommel
  • -50mm are are extracted via the trommel
  • Long pieces within the -50mm are recirculated via a long piece separator back to the 50mm line
  • The -50mm is taken under an overband magnet to extract the ferrous metal and then to a SPALECK flip flow when extracts the -10mm fines
  • The remaining 10-50mm moves into the BlueMAC Air Separation Unit to split the light and heavy fraction
  • The 50mm from the trommel is taken to a 7 double back picking line with 1200mm belt
  • All recyclable materials are extracted by the manual sorters into the bays below
  • The remaining material moves under and overband magnet before going into a Westeria 1000 Airstar which separates the remaining light and heavy fraction into two bays below


  • "The new BlueMAC plant has allowed us to process and recover a lot more material from the C&D waste stream. Its simplicity and the fact that should we have any issues, we know Matt Scott (Salesman), and Albert (Service Manager), will be there to keep our equipment running is what has really impressed me. This is especially critical for us as we work 24 hour shifts."
    Dominic Moule
    Dominic Moule Managing Director