Waring Waste


Waring Waste was established in 2008 and is a family run business. With over 40 years’ experience in the sawmill and treatment plant industry, the company is a recognized name and is situated in an ideal, off road location for surrounding catchment areas – including Nottingham, Melton and Leicester Council.


Waring Waste were experiencing difficulties disposing of low-grade wood material brought into the site. In 2009 the company was granted planning permission to install a boiler in-house in order to burn the low-grade wood material and convert it into electricity. However, this posed another challenge to the company as they had to first ensure that all ferrous and non-ferrous material was removed from the waste in order to eliminate risk of boiler damage.


When looking for a machine to help with separating ferrous and non-ferrous material from the wood, Waring Waste turned to machinery distributor Blue Central who provided a tracked BlueMAC All Metal Separator (AMS). The AMS not only allows the company to save money as they no longer need to dispose of the low grade wood waste, but also allows for the extraction of ferrous and non-ferrous material - offering two additional revenue streams for the company. The machine currently processes around 240 tonnes of wood waste per day; meaning an initial rate of between 25-30 tonnes per hour. As well as processing wood, the All Metal Separator also extracts ferrous and non-ferrous material from the waste and is currently providing around 1 tonne of scrap metal and 1 tonne of aluminum per week.


  • The initial wood waste material is loaded into a slow speed shredder before being fed into a Doppstadt AK 430 high speed shredder
  • The shredded material then moves, via a conveyor, into a 3-way screener separating oversized wood and 10mm fines from the remaining 10mm-100mm screened wood chip
  • This remaining material is then added onto the vibratory pan feeder of the All Metal Separator
  • The material then moves over a magnetic drum separator to discharge the ferrous metal via the first side conveyor
  • It then moves, via an accelerator belt to spread the material, onto the Eddy Current to remove non-ferrous metal via the second side conveyor
  • The high-quality metal free wood chip then leaves the AMS through the front conveyor
  • The material is then taken to Waring Waste’s in-house boiler and converted to electricity


  • "The BlueMAC All Metal Separator has really surpassed our expectations. The accessibility it provides through its compact, tracked style works well with what we require. We also compared several products when looking for a solution, and it was the size and set up of the machine alongside Blue Group's reputation for excellence that enabled us to make the right decision. "
    Tom Brooke
    Tom Brooke Director