Central Demolition

BlueMAC have recently installed a plant at Central Demolition’s Bonnybridge site in Scotland. The plant, along with a Powerscreen Crusher and wash plant is processing C&D waste creating three sizes of aggregate and a sand.

The Process

1. Initially the material is loaded onto an incline conveyor before moving over a BlueMAC screenbox which separates the material into three sizes.

2. +75mm moves forward into a picking station which takes out any metal, wood and further contaminants.

3. From there the +75mm moves over an overband magnet and blower to remove any light fraction and remaining ferrous metals and is then fed into a Powerscreen 1000 Maxtrak

4. The 10-75mm falls onto a conveyor from the screenbox which bypasses the picking station and joins the +75mm in the 1000 Maxtrak cone crusher

5. Any -10mm fines from the screenbox falls through as pit sand/as dug

6. The crusher takes all the material down to -40mm before it moves via conveyor to the Powerscreen wash plant

7. All the material, which is dirty at this point enters a scrub which pushes the material upwards and forwards utilising its paddle system. As the material makes its journey it is cleaned.

8. The dirty water is extracted and a Finesmaster extracts the sand and discharges it via a long conveyor

9. The clean aggregate which moves forward from the Scrub is split into 3 sizes by a Chieftain Screen.

10. The 3 sizes of washed, clean aggregate is 5-10mm, 10-20mm and 20-40mm


  • "Staff safety on our site is paramount and this new plant not only ensures that, but places the operatives in a good working environment designed and created by BlueMAC."
    Ross Craig
    Ross Craig Central Demolition