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BlueMAC can offer the complete range of Marathon balers including the renowned Gemini Xtreme, Galaxy twin ram and TIEger models. No matter your baling application, our range of balers can provide you with a solution for baling waste, cardboard, papers, plastics, metals, cans and other materials. 

Gemini Xtreme - Closed End Horizontal Baler

Marathon's Gemini Xtreme Baler is a medium volume closed-end horizontal baler with manual tie. The Gemini Xtreme allows you to process a variety of material such as PET, aluminium or steel cans, paper, plastics, OCC, newsprint, and similar material.

Galaxy 2R - Twin RAM Baler

The large volume Twin RAM baler offering is that of the Galaxy2R. The design of the Galaxy 2R has a separate ram for compressing recyclable material against a fixed wall and a second ram for ejecting the finished bale. The Galaxy2R Two-Ram Balers are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit all baling applications including material recovery facilities (MRF), recycling centres, scrap dealers, distribution centres, large paper and plastic processors to name a few.

Auto Tie Balers - TIEger

Marathons TIEger Series open-end auto-tie balers have many unique features which offer unrivalled performance. The patented gear twister is the most exciting technology to hit the baler industry in the past decade. This tier uses highly efficient gear twisters, which means there are no twister hooks and no pigtails. This amounts to more than a 10% reduction in wire consumption and related costs. The significant amount saved can itself typically justify the purchase of a TIEger baler.


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