Not Found.. :( Mini Skips Ltd invests in a BlueMAC Materials Recovery Facility to modernise their operation

Mini Skips Ltd invests in a BlueMAC Materials Recovery Facility to modernise their operation

By Dan on Tue 23rd Oct 2018

BlueMAC have recently designed, manufactured and built a Materials Recovery Facility for Mini Skips, part of Lanz Group, to sort the Construction and Demolition waste coming in to their site in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

Mini Skips Ltd has been run by father and son, Paul Tyler and Jim Tyler for over 35 years, where they have offered skip hiring and waste recycling management services around Maidenhead. Since October 2017 Mini Skips Ltd has been a part the leading waste management company Lanz Group who have various sites in Berkshire, Maidenhead and Heathrow.

The firm had previously used a Powerscreen Orion 1400 to sort and separate the Construction and Demolition waste brought to the site, meaning a very labour intensive process in an extremely challenging environment for employees. Although their pervious machine was processing the C&D waste into sufficient waste streams, Mini Skips appreciated they needed to modernise the company, not only to increase the effectiveness of their operation, but also to improve health and safety on site.

The BlueMAC recycling plant has allowed the business to recycle a much higher percentage of material, whilst increasing the productivity of the firm, who say they have increased their process from 150 to 200 yards of waste a day to 250-300 yards(400-600 Tons). Furthermore, since installation, Mini Skips Ltd have found their waste streams to be cleaner, as the plant separates the waste into five different streams; fines below 40mm, clean wood, metal, general waste and hard core. Jim Tyler explains “Using BlueMAC has made our waste streams cleaner and enabled us to recycle over 80% of the waste brought into site. For example, the hard core produced is transported to Lanz’s quarry in Colnbrook and the general waste goes to another recycling center to be shredded for RDF”.

The Process

Material is initially loaded in to a moving floor hopper by a material handler.

This moves to a 2055 trommel screen which separates the <40mm and >40mm. The 40mm falls to a bay below.

The >40mm moves up a conveyor to a two-bay picking station with external relief bins where operatives separate out the wood, metal, plastic and general waste into bays below.

The remaining hardcore moves under an overband magnet to remove any remaining ferrous metal before going through a blower system which takes out all the light material in to a caged bay.

The clean hardcore falls in to the final bay for crushing at one of Lanz Groups other sites, and is then sold as a 6F2.

Although, the business conducted vast research into the different recycling plants available on the market, the real decision maker for them was down to the relationship they have with Blue’s Service Team. Mini Skips therefore, decided to purchase a tailor-made BlueMAC manufacturing Plant to enable them to continue to benefit from Blue’s maintenance and spares services. Jim Tyler, now the company’s Managing Director commented “We have dealt with Blue over the years, especially when we had a Fuchs 320 & the Orion 1400 , as we used Blue Spares and Blue’s service guys to help maintain the machines. We decided to purchase a plant through Blue, so we can continue to benefit from the support of the Blue guys”